Let’s Talk About Your Blind Spots

The global video surveillance market has grown rapidly in recent years. Organizations face greater risks from criminal activity, terrorism and cyber threats. Advances in technology have made video surveillance an increasingly effective and seamless means with which to counter these risks and enhance security and perimeter protection.

7 Reasons to Rely on Video Surveillance

  • Provide a visual deterrent to scare off wrongdoers before they act
  • Verify the urgency of an alarm, such as fire or intrusion
  • Capture and store indefinitely crucial visual evidence
  • Cost effective with digital and cloud integration
  • Confirm established procedures are effective
  • Monitor remote locations against risks, such as flood
  • Ensure well-being of personnel working alone or remotely

Video Surveillance is More Powerful Than Ever Before

Extravision’s video surveillance options feature more flexible applications, increased integration, and new big data and analytics capabilities.

Gone are the days when organizations had to rely on analog systems with blurry camera footage on tape backups. Modern digital video technology features high-fidelity image capture under variable lighting and weather conditions, connected over a robust network architecture.

Video compression algorithms, cloud-based storage options, and data management tools make it easy to manage terabytes of video and image data – you will always have within reach the visual evidence you need, when you need it.

This provides organizations of any size, and even individuals, with cost-effective and scalable options to secure their most critical assets and provide peace of mind.

Extravision Demystifies the Video Surveillance Process

With so many options in the market, how do you determine which solutions best serve your needs today and deliver the flexibility to scale for tomorrow?

Extravision’s industry experts demystify and simplify the process of determining which options best serve our clients’ individual needs, now and for years to come.

Your team can trust ours to design, customize, deploy and support the ideal setup for your organization as part of our Converged Security Solutions.

Our Video Surveillance Integrated Capabilities Include:

  • Intelligent camera surveillance (PTZ, (interior/exterior))
  • Thermal, wireless camera systems, designed to operate in extreme environments
  • Industrial-grade, shock-and-explosion-proof cameras
  • Video management software, including video verification and analytics
  • Data capture
  • Customized monitoring, including remote management systems
  • Fully integrated security options, from firewall to the back door

Eyes Where You Need Them – Always

With Extravision, organizations of any size can have the eyes they need, where they need, with real-time monitoring and retrieval from anywhere.

Contact us today to discuss our video surveillance capabilities.