EXTRAVISION is a privately owned Canadian company whose head office is in Trois-Rivières (Quebec, Canada). The company also has service points in the metropolitan areas of Montreal and Toronto.

Extravision specializes in the development, design and integration of security technologies. However, our expertise in this field goes beyond security equipment. Our integrated security management approach relies on our extensive expertise, capitalizing on our knowledge, analytical skills and know-how to provide the most effective and optimized means of security.

Extravision’s security designs protect some of the most strategic sites in Canada.

Our vision

Respond precisely to each of our customers’ distinctive needs with a personalized solution, regardless of the scale of the project, within the allotted budgets and timeframes.

Our objectives

  • Listen to our customers and to their specific needs
  • Design integrated systems adapted to our customer’s needs
  • Supply and install the most efficient, high-quality systems
  • Support activation with professional, personalized training
  • Help our customers keep their security systems up to date
  • Ensure confidentiality at every level

Our approach

Project management

As a security system integrator, Extravision provides expert services and must ensure its customers’ peace of mind. Therefore, every aspect of your projects—whether technical, organizational or human—is accurately defined. Extravision uses proven methodological tools to manage your projects so they are carried out rigorously, coherently and in an organized manner.

Service programs

Extravision honours all manufacturers’ warranties and thus promises to replace defective systems in accordance with the applicable warranties. Furthermore, we offer service agreements that include, among other things, regular maintenance. This preventive approach helps to maintain systems in good working condition, therefore reducing the risk of failure.

Technical support

Extravision has put together a system called “Ticket Center,” which is a simple and efficient way to transmit technical service requests and to follow them up. It is a secure web tool where anomalies, defects or problems are reported and assigned a tracking number. Our customers can use the service 24/7 to follow up on issued requests. Each new request initiates a process that ensures continuity and redundancy. All actions taken are recorded and documented as the intervention progresses, until the problem is definitively solved.

Regulatory compliance

At Extravision, we are proud to be a leader in the field of integration products and services used for safety and security purposes. We therefore ensure compliance of our systems with applicable laws and regulations and hold all licences relevant to our field, including the following:-

  • RBQ License (Régie du bâtiment du Québec)
  • Licensed Electronic Security Systems Agency in compliance with the Quebec Private Security Act (R.S.Q., Chapter S-3.5)

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