Why Choose Extravision?

Today’s threat landscape is constant and ever shifting as technologies evolve. An important component of the equation is physical security. An agile response to address a complex balance of threats and challenges is not found in a box. The equipment is not the solution but rather, a piece of the puzzle. Extravision specializes in the integration of technology within an overarching security strategy.

Our engagement starts with a meeting in which our team of experts discusses your needs and concerns. Based on our findings, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your requirements. No two projects are alike; Extravision will also provide you with a tailored solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Our team of security professionals has a profound knowledge of the niche domain of integrated security. Extravision partners with industry-leading software, cloud-based, and hardware platforms to provide creative and tailored solutions for our customers.

Chances are you have been exposed to our security expertise. Our diversified client base includes public and private sector organizations as well as private citizens. In addition to our extensive work in the public sector, we work across industry verticals including construction, transportation, media and entertainment, education, energy, mining, financial services and telecommunications. Our name may not be familiar to you because discretion is our trademark.

Extravision – Our Approach

Extravision’s approach to security assessments is consultative and holistic. To be truly secure, an organization must consider its overall security posture as a cohesive whole, from the firewall to the back door. This can be challenging when most security vendors do not offer the full range of security services.

The Extravision Differentiators: Converged Security Solutions

As a key member of ADGA’s Converged Security Solutions, Extravision draws on the expertise of its internal partner network to customize a solution that addresses all requirements for each client’s unique circumstances.

Finally, it’s about the people.

Our team of experts in Converged Security Solutions have held senior roles in the security sector in government, public safety, the Canadian Armed Forces and the private sector. They have tackled complex requirements at the national level and protected Canada’s most critical assets. We bring a level of unmatched and invaluable expertise. It is why our clients entrust us with their most important assets, again and again.

We value your business and we know ours: Security.  

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