Access Control

There has never been a greater need to physically safeguard your premises. Whether it is controlling the flow of people or safekeeping your critical assets and your infrastructure, access control is critical to the safety and stability of your business.

Access control focuses on two areas:

  • Allow only authorized persons to access or leave a location
  • Prevent materials and substances from entering or exiting certain locations

At Extravision, we integrate the following technologies for access control:

  • Card access
  • Biometrics authentication
  • Mobile credentials
  • Physical thresholds such as gates and turnstiles for pedestrian and motor vehicle circulation

Simple. Sophisticated. Effective.

By creating access control systems based on:

  • What a person owns (key, access card)
  • What a person knows (password, PIN); and
  • What a person is (biometric characteristics)

Extravision Security Technologies can provide your facility or organization with a robust and reliable access control capability that is adapted to your situation.

We are also vendor-agnostic and committed to ongoing support and training. Our team can take advantage of the common off-the-shelf platforms available today to integrate all the functions of the physical protection system you need into a simple yet sophisticated package.

A Converged Approach

We take a holistic approach to security – access control is just one piece of a greater puzzle.

Extravision Security Technologies is a member of ADGA – a Canadian leader in Defence, Security, and Enterprise Computing – and a key contributor to ADGA’s Converged Security Solutions (CSS). This gives us the breadth and depth to easily complement our proven expertise in access control with whatever other elements of enterprise risk management, personnel security, electronic security systems, physical security and cyber security may be relevant to your organization.

Learn More about Access Control

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